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What is it?


Vacar (which combined by Vacant and Car) is a smart parking lot that will help you finding vacant parking lot easier and better security

How does it work?


This parking lot has QR code. The QR code allows you to access and activate security system. When your car is parked in the parking lot, the switch under the lot will be pressed making you know your car is safe. And, when your car is moved out without checking out from the server, the alarm will work such as sending warning sound, blink light, the gate will be closed and system will send notification to the car owner. Besides, at night the light will be automatically turned on.


LED : Produce light.
LDR : Measure light intensity to check day or night.
Servo : Use for open and close the gate.
Button switch : Check that how many cars in parking lot on parking lot.
Buzzer : Produce alarm sound.
Ultrasonic : Count the amount of car.

Source Code

Hardware : https://github.com/natvararit/HardwareExceed
Software :
- Page for hotel
- Page for animation
- Page for user


- Our servo has problem when we use.
- We can't get data from sever.
- The sever is slow because overuse.


ID Name Major
6010500389 Tanya Tunsreprapasiri CPE
6010500397 Pandha Pramotekul CPE
6010502675 Wararit Hongkamnerd CPE
6010505666 Kunanon Chankanasuk CPE
6010545935 Supaluk Jaroensuk SKE
6010546869 Kavinthip Pattanaphaophan SKE



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