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What is REST?

Working too hard or sitting for a long time can cause a serious health problem. REST is the chair designed to help people that face office syndrome problem.

This is the website for demo/prototype system only.\

How does it work?

  • When user sits for too long, the chair will shake or spin to warn user that he need to take a break from working.
  • If user sits still for a long time so that the sensor detect that something wrong happen, the chair will make an alarm to wake user up. If user doesn't make any reaction to the sound, the information will be send to someone for help.

Software Features

  • The website shows about the sitting health status; Healthy, Normal, Stress, Almost Unhealthy, Unhealthy.
  • The bar shows the ratio of sitting and taking a break period.
  • If user take a break not long enough, the timer will not reset.
  • Weekly summary is the chart between hours that user sits and the day of the week.

Hardware Features

REST Chair
  • Standard Servo - to make the chair move.
  • Motion Sensor - to detect user's action.
  • Switch - to detect if user is sitting or not.
  • Buzzer - to make sounds.

Features in future

  • Add more features to measure heart rate and pressure.
  • Smarter motion detection.



ID Name Nickname Major
5910501941 Natnicha Changjarn Mook CPE
5910501950 Natthapong Somboonphattarakit New CPE
5910502000 Piyawat Pavachansatit Prem CPE
5910505467 Rawin Srisomboon Milk CPE
5910545663 Charin Tantrakul P.P. SKE
5910545787 Pappim Pipatkasrira Print SKE